Hcg diet recipes cookbook review | just another scam?

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What is HCG Diet Recipes Cookbook?

As a professional in the aesthetics industry for more than twenty years, I have cared for and educated many clients on how to achieve and maintain healthy skin, eventually seeing measurable results. I have included the following information to assist you in caring for and maintaining healthy skin throughout your HCG Protocol experience and beyond. In the coming weeks, as your inner being improves by the processes of detoxification and eating to good health, you will see noticeable changes to your skin. It will appear healthier and clearer, enhanced with a natural glow; however, due to the nature of the diet and the requirements to stop the use of skin care products containing fats and oils, the skin may become dry and taut. To support healthy skin rejuvenation, engage in a skin care routine which includes using non-oil cosmetics, participate in relaxation, meditation and light exercise, and consuming “healthy skin” foods.  Foods from the HCG Pantry have the essential vitamins and minerals to assist in maintaining healthy skin. Foods to include (just to name a few) are: organic colloidal minerals, organic probiotics, organic green powder,  rooibos and green tea, papaya, oranges, berries, dark green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and proteins. Together, this supports the skin, keeping it free from bacteria, keeping it well hydrated, nourished and leaving the skin soft and pliable. I have selected natural ingredients from the HCG Pantry to create simple skin care treatments for you to enjoy. Or you may choose to luxuriate in the organic…


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